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The Author Problem:


The better an idea, the more universally valid, the less any particular author can lay claim to it. So only the worst ideas herein can be credited to me.

–Dave Sylvester



I'm a sage trapped in a simpleton.

My earliest memory is of a sense of poignancy.

Like most people, I'm learning to love reality the hard way. But I've made some progress, and found that the love is mutual.

I have an unaccountable fondness for everyone I've ever met – even the people I don't like.

I'm probably the world's worst spiritual advisor – I'm promoting the internal voice of wisdom we all have, but don't listen to when it would be most helpful.

Words are pretty useless. Know what I mean?




"You're very thinky."     –Amanda

"You're the only person I'd trust to do something stupid with."     –Tracy

"You've naught to proffer but pompous esoteric verbiage."     –Charles

"You're like Diogenes with a penlight."     –Moxie

" ?+?+?+?=           "      –Bob

"You're  just a mental plagiarist. So stay out of my head!"     –Maryann