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The Author Problem:


The better an idea, the more universally valid, the less any particular author can lay claim to it. So only the worst ideas herein can be credited to me.

—Dave Sylvester



I'm a sage trapped in a simpleton.

My earliest memory is of a sense of poignancy.

Like most people, I'm learning to love reality the hard way. But I've made some progress, and found that the love is mutual.

I have an unaccountable fondness for everyone I've ever met—even the people I don't like.

I have a credibility problem. Who am I to be telling any other human that their mind isn’t the boss of reality.

I'm likely the least welcome sort of messenger—giving voice to the internal wisdom we’re least likely to listen to.

I’ve never really wanted to just have my way. I want everyone to have their way. But the only way for everyone to have their way is for everyone to want the same things. So all we have to do is get together and figure out what we all really want.

Thinking and writing truthfully about reality brings me actual joy. That by itself hints at something profound. Can you understand why I can’t bear to keep this to myself?

* * *

I write differently than most writers. I don’t tell stories—I convey meaning pictures. Like jigsaw puzzles made of ideas. Not so entertaining at first, sorting and matching meaning pieces can be challenging—for both writer and reader. But a completed puzzle rewards the effort with a lucid and seamless comprehension not discernible in its parts. How the pieces are cut or the assembly order don’t matter so much. A valid meaning picture is independent of viewpoint, or even language, and appears the same in any mind open to what truth applies to us all. So I can only hope that the pictures I see, and attempt to share in words, are truthful, and that you can see them too.

I claim no authority, originality, or wisdom. I’m simply inviting you to join me in the effort to understand—to consciously complete the extraordinary jigsaw puzzle of knowing the world we share—to bring together all the pieces of it we’ve cut with our individual minds and collectively perceive reality as the seamless all-embracing miracle it actually is.