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Professions of an Ontophile

The beliefs of an unbeliever.



"'God' is a poor name for reality"

Heavens—look what we've done to the word 'God'. Poor thing. It had so much potential.

It's understandable that we'd invent such a word. We need a good strong noun to represent all the wonder and promise that comes with existence. When we're joyful we need something to thank for our creation, and when suffering, something to appeal to for relief. We need an omnipotent agent to guide us in our thoughts and actions, pressure us into good works, forgive our errors, and unify us around a sense of moral purpose. We need an ultimate role model. And even if we're not religious we still need a concept of something out there to answer our biggest 'how' and 'why' questions. Sooner or later, God willing before we die, we need a reason for being.

'God' would do for a noun, but these days doesn't have a prayer of meeting all the self-serving and conflicting beliefs we demand of the word, which amount to little more than an attempt by our mind to dictate its own context.

Oh wait—we already have an absolute context in place that we don't need to name, but still provides all the things listed above, and so much more; something that miraculously gives everything, something immune to prejudice, dogma, and deceit, something truly accepting and unifying of all things...

Any guesses?

Hint: If you're inclined to use the word 'God', particularly in a debate or sermon, try using the word 'reality' instead. You'll find you have to be much more thoughtful, humble, appreciative, forgiving, and truthful in your pronouncements.

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