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Professions of an Ontophile

The beliefs of an unbeliever.



"Reality defines the human mind—not the other way around"

We're so accustomed to modeling reality with our mind that we project our model on to everything we experience, often focusing more of our attention on the content of the model than on what's actually happening. From this perspective we assume that we have the power to define what reality is—or isn't—based on how well it matches our model. This is the essential nature of autocentric consciousness: the mind defines reality point of view.

Yes we wouldn't be human without our autocentric minds. The ability to mentally model reality brings us truly amazing benefits such as language, knowledge, technology, science, religion, art, and culture. But honestly, we take things too far when we dissociate from reality so much that we feel entitled to censure reality—the very context that allows these benefits. Make no mistake, we wouldn't exist, let alone possess the ability to mentally model reality, but for reality allowing it.

Reality is the context of all existence. That is to say reality defines everything—including our uppity minds.

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