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Professions of an Ontophile

The beliefs of an unbeliever.



"We never change reality, but we sure affect its latency"

We can't change reality.


It's already happening. And it's always been and always will be already happening.

Current reality is happening precisely and irrevocably according to the conditions of what happened before. We certainly can't change what's already happened. And the reality we're thinking about changing is utter fantasy and will never happen. No matter what we wish the future to be, it is most surely a latent state of the reality we're in, and will also unfold from current conditions precisely and irrevocably in compliance with how reality unfolds.

So here we are amid reality, powerless to change it, but all along affecting its latent development through our behavior, and living precisely and irrevocably with the consequences. In other words, we're not driving, we're just along for the ride, messing with the controls. Our only hope of experiencing reality somewhat as we envision it (or not eventually running our human clown car into the ditch) is to understand reality's terms for its latent development and behave accordingly.

For example, at any moment of an unfolding life we may ask, are we latently miserable or in harmony? What do we understand about latent harmony, and how do we behave to ensure it comes to pass instead of misery? Might that require striving to be in harmony with reality, on its terms, as it happens, as this is our only means and opportunity? Amazingly, fittingly, reality informs us of our success or failure through the latent development of harmony or misery.

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