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Professions of an Ontophile

The beliefs of an unbeliever.



"Uniqueness is a shared condition"

Yes indeed you are unique and special—but then so is everyone else.

Alas, uniqueness is universal.

It's also temporary. My uniqueness, what makes me me, is subtly different by the time I finish writing this sentence, as is yours by the time you finish reading. Fleeting uniqueness is common to anything that exists. So uniqueness is indeed very special—briefly—and only to the thing that exists.

Another thing—we all suffer our uniqueness. I'm the only one that has to put up with actually being me. "Oh yeah?" you say sarcastically. But whichever aspects of my uniqueness that annoy you are still mine to bear, and your unique objections to me are something only you can suffer. And vice versa.

In general, to be critical of anyone is to be hypocritical. Having a problem with someone, no matter what the issue may be, attempts to enforce a double standard, where my uniqueness is flawless, but something is wrong with yours.

Conversely, to appreciate someone else's uniqueness affirms our own existence. Of course reality recognizes and accepts the existence of everything, as is, within it—specifically for the very traits, good bad or ugly, that make it unique. So to recognize the full worth of another's uniqueness is to follow reality's example—and prove our uniqueness worthwhile.

Hence the solution to the universal uniqueness paradox is the ontocentric realization that uniqueness is a shared condition—

as is all existence.

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