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Professions of an Ontophile

The beliefs of an unbeliever.



"Enlightenment is a collective result"

The pursuit of enlightenment, greater insight into the nature of existence, be it spiritual or scientific, seems to be instinctual in humans. And from an autocentric standpoint, that pursuit is mind centered—where the mind seeks enlightenment in perceptual terms, as a kind of consciousness upgrade, mostly for its own benefit. But then how does any such cognitive enlightenment translate into the quality of actual existence? How does greater insight into being improve it? That is the real aim of enlightenment isn't it?—to advance the quality of one's existence? And if achieved, but one's existence is soon, cosmically, to be over, what's the point of improving it if the upgrade isn't shared or passed along?

We can think of actual enlightenment as a sort of standard of living that can be raised to a higher level, but for existence as a whole—so that we can be not just materially more comfortable and secure as per our standard of living, but also psychologically, spiritually, culturally, holistically, evolutionarily, etc. And just as a higher standard of living is more effective when available to everyone, and passed on to all our progeny, so is a higher standard of existence. We're all in this human being thing together, and together we will thrive or wither as goes our collective enlightenment.

Of course a collective result is the sum of individual effects, and personal enlightenment is a prime venue of actual enlightenment. But enlightenment comes through the individual, and when confined to its cerebral form has little vitality or endurance. Freely shared though, with an ontocentric attitude of mind that appreciates the interconnectedness of all existence, enlightenment has a much higher likelihood of being inheritable and raising humanity's standard of existence.

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