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Professions of an Ontophile

The beliefs of an unbeliever.



"The actual truth is never equivocal"

"Well that may be your truth, but it's not mine" is a popular expression these days—and something like it has always been the thought that immediately precedes an argument. And so we have another example of the autocentric mind insisting that the truth falls within its jurisdiction, and that what we decide is true should be true for everyone. And when we're feeling especially accommodating to someone else's point of view, we grant that the truth is open to more than one interpretation—though of course our's is the correct one.

But how can the truth be different from different points of view and still be the truth? It's like claiming "well that may be your Chicago, but it's not mine" because we live in different neighborhoods. In other words, be it Chicago or the truth, for any possibility of referring to the same thing, it can't be different.

The actual truth, to be at all reliable as such, is not at all ambiguous. It's unaffected by human interpretation, and there's no such thing as a personal truth no matter how authentic our point of view may seem. Truth, to conform with reality and be verifiable, can't be debatable—or exclusive.

So the ontocentric view that the truth is never equivocal suggests that we have something amazing and wonderful, and more genuine than any personal viewpoint, to agree with once and for all, instead of argue over—over and over.

Is there an ultimate truth? Yes. But it's not some inscrutable sort of knowledge that is far beyond our grasp, a verity accessible only to divine consciousness. The ultimate truth is all around and within us. We are immersed in it, a part of it. It's reality.

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