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Letter from the Soul Pool

An alternative and sensible view of the soul that helps us appreciate our existence.

Letter from the Soul Pool


An alternative and sensible view of the soul.

One that challenges the mind's authority to define or possess soul, but allows us to appreciate the opportunity to live a soulful life.

Dearest Human,

Yes of course you have a soul! How could such an exquisitely rendered creature like you not have a soul equal to the magnificence of its being?

But no, your individual soul does not last forever. You're a miraculous gathering of life, but you as an identity may not follow your soul back here to the realm from which you've been gathered.

It is the nature of the Given that you as an actual being may only exist temporarily. And such existence should be appreciated for what it is—while it is. This letter is a simple reminder to recognize the privilege of your being from within it, while you still can. Soon, in no time at all, you will return to the source of all being to be recycled—and your unique soul dispersed into this pool of pure and undifferentiated soulness to be gathered anew in some other form of being.

So yes, you're an amazing form of life—sentient enough to be aware of your beautiful soul—though your conduct indicates you have yet to fully embrace your soulfulness. Particularly your mental conduct, your use of consciousness, reveals a misapprehension of soul. In the simplest terms, you confuse your soul with your identity—thinking that what makes you you could outlive your being and exist eternally. But where did your identity originate? To be eternal, it must have somehow already been there. First things first: You don't possess a soul, but rather it possesses you—while you exist as you. It's not your soul that is immortal, but the soul from which you are briefly expressed.

Your mind protests of course. Once conscious of your personal existence, once owner and governor of selfhood, how you grasp at existence as mental identity!—as if being weren't a gift to be nurtured while it may, but an entitlement never to be revoked—not even by death. You sense the immaterial, elemental, and innate basis of being, and you know your body can't make the transition back to this realm—you've directly witnessed this—so you try to use your mind to carry your corporeal identity beyond death, reaching for immortality in the form of an imaginary soul character carried swiftly to heaven in rapture or arduously lifted to nirvana through umpteen reincarnations.

But you grasp at nothing. What can the mind clutch but an idea?—the concept of something, and even then fleetingly? meanwhile ignoring all that soul gently embraces. An aversion to death, fear provoked by clutching the idea of non-existence, simply betrays ingratitude for life. And devotedly grasping at the concept of an eternal soul at the expense of living soulfully betrays an unmindfulness of soul's unprejudiced and imperishable blessing of all being. All is equally favored here in the soul pool, and there's no room for an immortal persona within ultimate oneness.

Soul itself knows nothing of birth and ideating and death, but knows everything of these in human form—having been there at the origin of it all. Soul precedes you, and to honestly appreciate it you wouldn't give it an anthropocentric inception and focus, but rather inquire of all that soul embodies. On what other soulful being, what animate rock, wind, water, fire, and creature does your existence depend? What of the soul of your precious and transient Earth? Do you think it invulnerable to human meddling and apathy?

If your mind is objecting to these truths on theoretical grounds, try listening to your ancient and heuristic heart. This is where soul enters your life. Your center of being knows soul directly, whereas your mind can only relate metaphorically—as mind by soulful nature reduces truth to cognitively manageable symbols. So sure, afterlife, ascension, rebirth—entertain any figurative hypothesis of soul's nature you find appealing; but remember, your consciousness may understand soul truthfully only as much as your mind esteems your heart's lucid if logically inscrutable perceptions.

Your heart already knows more than your mind could ever learn, and the soul pool has a very very long memory—as old as the universe itself. It remembers all events ever present and all lives ever graced. You were formed from this memory and to it you will be added. What will you offer? When your vessel is emptied, will your soul be abundant and clear?—of a life fruitfully lived? The soul pool yearns for enrichment; and you, as an embodiment of being, the accrual of experience and wisdom, are a potent source of enlightenment. Soul could be understood as the accumulation of Truth, so fetch as much as you can while extant in actuality. Your unique being is just that—never to be fixed, repeated, or cloned, surely to be dissolved and reshuffled, but never forgotten.

Here in the all-recalling soul pool, the rapture began eons ago, is gathering momentum, and will deliver all of humanity or none of it to heaven. And the countless reincarnations required for conscious being to reach nirvana are unfolding concurrently, and only one of which is human. Your soul? It's the unity of all possible identity.

So spirit, here in the soul pool, implores you to remember: An individual life lived soulfully is cherished just as it miraculously unfolds, and is gladly relinquished at its conclusion, whenever or in whatever manner it ends. "Thank you!" are good last words, if not spoken often enough in life. A well-attended heart joyfully releases its soul back into the waters of potential being—no longer burdened with identity, ecstatically mingling with all love and promise, reverently anticipating reemergence into the heart of ever more soulful being.


A Soul Pool Fugitive