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8 Garbage in - garbage out

Is a brilliant or ingenious mind, used in conflict with reality, actually intelligent?



Garbage in, Garbage out

In your enduring campaign to conceptualize reality, ambitious mind, you mistrust emotions and counter-conceptual notions – and you overindulge the prerogative of your intellect. Yet apparently what you conceive as intelligence doesn't necessarily help you discern actual reality. The smartest con­ceptualizing Humans are by no means the happiest, wisest, or even the most well-adjusted. And, not least, the products of an intelligent mind, be this ideology or technology, used in conflict with reality, have enabled every horrendous deed in humanity's troubled history.

Occupying a brilliant mind would be thrilling, like driving a cerebral Formula 1 race car. Yes, an exhilarating ride, but are you going anywhere? A brilliant mind seems no less prone to blindly accepting the actuality of ideas than a simple mind – or perhaps more so due to a heightened estimate of its own privilege, authority, and infallibility. On the other hand, there are many cerebral horse-and-buggy drivers with very discerning hearts getting along within reality just fine.

A faster and more sophisticated processor doesn't guarantee that its output is meaningful if it's processing data that has no relevance to an overall context; and brilliant conceptualizing, no matter how advanced or innovative, doesn't guarantee meaningful insights if what it's devising has little basis in the ever present genesis of reality.

So, philosophizing mind, how zealously are you pretending to understand reality through concepts alone? How deep is your trance?

You are likely the most threatened by the intimations of this letter. As you are the most prone to an identity founded on the supremacy of conceptualizing, you are the most loath to an honest examination of its delusional nature. Such self-scrutiny would force you to question not just your privilege, authority, and infallibility, but the very basis of your existence as you conceive it. You face the ultimate identity crisis.

And so you don't face it – certain of the mind's primacy; confident of your independent existence and power to possess the truth, and secure in the sanctity of your opinions. Or so you conceive.

This is a tragedy – that you would so deny your person the benefit of insightful consciousness. With this posture you are merely standing in the way of your person's further understanding – and all you need to do to get out of the way, brilliant mind, is turn around: relax your grip on all the fabulously conceptual known to face the unknown – the unconceptualizable – which includes who or what you actually are, Human mind.

This is a realizable endeavor, and a conceptual/actual distinction will help: Clever mind, do you use your brilliant conceptualizing to further conceptualize concepts? Or do you use it in the self-less pursuit of discerning the uncharted fundamental nature of actual reality (á la Einstein)? Are you aware of this distinction as you go?

Answer honestly. Than perhaps the product of your intellect may be beneficial to the evolution of Human consciousness.


Ch. 8 image © Deb Fugate