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6 Cogito non grata

Of course any thoughts that challenge the mind's authority are unwelcome. But is the discomfort warranted?



Cogito non grata

– the counter-conceptual message herein

Tough read?

It's understandable. What self-defining mind wants to look into a mirror at its own insanity? – what this missive would have you do.

Any concept dependent mind would experience discomfort with the drift of this letter. It challenges the validity of how you establish your own existence. But rather than face the possibility that said discomfort is warranted, it's easier to blame it on the messenger. Objecting to the content, style, or paradoxical nature of this essay (that it uses concepts to argue against over-reliance on concepts for example, or that it suggests you are separate from your person to illustrate the point that you aren't) you may think something like “What nonsense!” or just “This isn't worthwhile”, and have your person find something more pleasing to do.

This is how you've always handled any challenge to your authority – how you preserve your self-assumed identity as truthful knower. But such a reaction is a perfect illustration of the mental behavior this letter would discourage: You are gambling within a paradoxical (counter-conceptual) reality that you already know the truth, and that your person's discomfort is not your own doing.  But your negative reaction to contrary or unfamiliar ideas is a tell you're holding a busted hand. Already knowing your cards, reality will call your bluff every time. You may have your person throw the cards and pound the table, and go order a drink, but you can't leave the game – as reality just keeps dealing.

Still in, curious mind? Perhaps you aren't so insane after all. Perhaps you could tolerate a few more mind-insulting concepts...