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5 "I'm right - you're wrong"

Reality conflict is most destructive when we reduce each other to nothing but concepts.



“I'm right, you're wrong.”

– the unattended concept that would destroy humanity

There's no such thing as a humble opinion, mind. Once you've formed any opinion, you've already asserted your self-granted right to interpret reality as you see fit; typically with little support from reality itself.

It would be wicked enough to torment just your person with your opinions about the reality you want or don't want. But no – having decided your world view is the only legitimate one, you are impelled to assert your ill-conceived persuasions over any person whosoever. But then, that other person's mind is behaving just as you do, forming concepts about what that other person's view of reality is, judging these illegitimate, and letting that other person know all about it – as if one's own intolerable concepts actually applied to anyone else. And just as blind to what's actually happening, you respond in kind. Thus you argue over the nature of reality as you each see it – a fantasy in itself with absolutely nothing to do with the other person, yet you'd each rather defend a concept than risk abating your ignorance. You are engaging in reality conflict simultaneously – each provoking the other's insanity, ergo tormenting each other.

And if you only stopped at torment. You know full well, callous mind, what Humans are capable of doing to other Humans, from teasing to taunting to torture to genocide, when blind to another person's humanity.

And this sort of blindness is precisely what you indulge when you reduce another person to nothing more than concepts – your ideas of who they are, what they think, or what their life is worth. It's so much easier to argue with someone seen as a disagreeable idea than muster the humility and compassion necessary to respect an independent point of view; so much more expedient to murder someone judged as the incarnation of an objectionable ideology, culture, or lifestyle than share reality with someone who's existence may impede your ambitions to skew existence in your favor. But who, perilous mind with all your heartless pretext, are you arguing with or murdering but the humanity that is you?

What use is mindless self-destruction to the evolution of sentient life? Can you understand how reality would work to eliminate such behavior? such reality blindness? Just as with suicide, so with humanicide: If humanity would be so witless as to destroy itself from within through a failure of the individual mind to understand and appreciate that any person is the embodiment of the whole; reality will comply.

On the other hand, there is this distinction to be made between your concept of another Human and who that person actually is. The latter could be known as reality, the former never. Even a most familiar person deserving the most convoluted and nuanced concept does not, can not, exist inside your person's head (or wherever you imagine you reside, mind). Vilify or idolize, no matter, the more you conceptualize someone, the less you could know the wonder of who that person actually is.

But there that person is, right in front of you – an embodiment of humanity, for better or worse. And so of course it's the reality of that person that would make the distinction for you, if you, willing to defer your mental opining, are open to whatever that reality may be, and are prepared to accept that person's reality as it is – as it could only be. With such acceptance of someone's humanity, such as it is, and so much to learn about reality together from humanity's point of view, what could there possibly be to argue over, let alone duel?

And the person unfamiliar to you could be a treasure of unexplored access to the reality of humanity – or a maze of insanity – depending on the level of reality acceptance or conflict you each bring to the meeting.


* * *


“But there are evil people in the world – people that would argue with me no matter what I say or do, vilify or abuse me despite my acceptance of them, or murder me for no reason at all.”

It's true mind. Such Humans exist. It's inevitable that the worst of humanity, an abused and neglected person with a mind intent on uncompromising self-interest allied with an utter lack of empathy, should gather in an individual Human. And should misfortune bring you into such a person's presence, you're face to face with the madness that would destroy humanity – beginning with yours. So how do you and your person respond? How will you cope with the reality that includes this malign person?

Do you understand the nature of the inhumanity you face? Can you predict its actions? The more you understand about any actual reality you confront, the more options you have to cope with it. Narrowing your conception of this person to “abuser”, “sociopath”, “rapist”, or “murderer” leaves you with very few options: fight, flee, or acquiesce. These are precisely what an inhuman person would have you choose between, having no doubt already restricted or eliminated the fight or flight options. When you involuntarily limit your own options through an undiscerning reaction to your circumstances, you are much easier to control – and are in fact the victim any abuser, sociopath, rapist, or murderer seeks.

On the other hand, a conceptually astute and flexible inquiry like “This person, having suffered the destruction of their humanity, is attempting the murder of mine. How can I protect my humanity? And how can I use it to help restore the humanity of this person?” Your person's behavior will reflect this attitude; and thus confronted with the reality of you and your humanity, your potential abuser may realize you aren't such an easy victim after all – and just maybe recognize, even if vaguely, the self-abuse in harming you.

Are you familiar with the person who would harm or oppress you? A common tactic of the predatory person is to isolate its intended prey; physically, from other people, but especially from the victim's own healthy sense of reality. Your own conceptual delusions are difficult enough to dispel, but now you've got a heartless person telling you what you want and don't want – and you're buying it. Once in this trap, once your abuser is conceptually defining reality for you, it's exceptionally difficult if not impossible to conceptually reason your way out of it – after surely contributing to your falling into it. Once you are cut off from your ability to perceive the true nature of your condition, your person is powerless to change it.

Who do you know, isolated mind, that is trying to control your sense of reality? Why not just do this for yourself?

Or don't know. You don't need to know your oppressor personally to suffer oppression. All you have to do is relinquish to someone else your natural power to question and investigate reality for your own enlightenment – someone else who most surely wants you unenlightened. Those who would exploit you, or an entire population, for personal gain or gratification count on your tendency to do precisely this. Any gullible mind or population of minds with local, national, ethnic, racial, political, or religious inclinations will do – anything that contributes to conceptual identity and is thus vulnerable to manipulation. Feeding you a steady diet of concepts that appeal to your need for acceptance, security, pride, status, group identity, etc.; relying of course on a predictable negative emotional reaction (which is to say a negative reaction to the emotion), usually fear, to a conceptually orchestrated threat to said acceptance, security, pride, status, group identity, etc.; you amass a conceptual world view that motivates you to blindly act in favor of someone else's selfish interests, which no doubt conflict with your better interests.

Thus your notional enemy, a great friend of the oppressor, is created. Whether in the insular Human mind or the homogeneous web of humankind, the concept of them is a traitorous idea.

So, is either the known or nameless person who would sell you the concepts that enslave you your enemy?

Honestly, credulous mind, why would you buy these concepts? You pay with your freedom to consciously participate in the reality that would benefit you and your kind, i.e. humanity. How blameworthy is the oppression to which you volunteer?

Then who is your actual enemy? Those who would abuse, exploit, or murder you are themselves the victims of inhumanity. Those who promise you well-being, salvation, or enlightenment for whatever price are themselves suffering the want of these things and have little to spare. Those who would betray who you are by reducing you to a concept are not so different from you. Where does it all begin?

Your enemy, Human mind, is your reliance on the concept of what a Human is, as applied to each other, at the sacrifice of learning the truth of what you actually are as one. It is this delusional attitude, playing out generation after generation, that has kept humanity in a state of simmering self-brutality.

In any instance of Human inhumanity you may face, it is a lucid perception of the Human condition, not just an undiscerning reaction to your own condition, that will not only help protect you from contempt, abuse, exploitation, or murder, but also lessen the likelihood that you would unconsciously perpetrate these behaviors yourself.

Understanding the Human condition is a lonely affair. You, autonomous Human mind, so far as you know, are the only one that can accomplish it. And without it there could be no improvement of the overall Human condition. Understanding is not something anyone else can do for you. No one can discover it for you, let alone teach, give, or sell it to you. The best other Humans could do is discover it for themselves on your behalf, and support your efforts. But even with such support, in your responsibility to the health of the Human condition, you are alone.

But you are most certainly not on your own. You have an indispensable ally – the only ally that could never hoodwink, misuse, or execute you; that truly values your humanity and would never betray you as you actually are: reality.


* * *


Mind, what is an evil person but the literal personification of the Human potential to destroy life? Are you so sure that you and your person are absent of this potential?

Just as it's easier to devalue and abuse other Humans when they mean nothing to you but the concepts you choose to apply to them, so it is with your treatment of life in general. With what self-serving concepts do you limit the value of life, then abuse it to your own advantage? And just as you jeopardize the well-being of humanity at large through the maltreatment of even one individual, so you risk the telluric life on which your existence depends with any mindless behavior that imperils the life forms, known or unknown to you, that you live among.

A fundamental characteristic of insanity, when viewed from outside it, is a striking absence of awareness in the insane of the harm they would do themselves and others. You lock these people up for their own and your protection, yes? So how aware are you of the harm you do yourself, posterity, and “life as we know it” through the derangement of your reality blindness? What sort of asylum would reality create to confine you? Will the Earth do? You may dream of escape, but there's nowhere else to go, and you've already set the nuthouse on fire.

Apologies, long-suffering mind, for the harshness of these words. But the time to awaken from life-destroying delusion in the midst of what precious life remains is now.